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Hue in the Menu 1.3.9 (Beta) (2.7 MB, notarized by Apple) — May 29, 2022

In 1.3.9, you should be able to find the following new features:

Download the DMG file above, open it, then move the file to the Applications folder and accept to overwrite any existing files. Then close the mounted image, and run HueAndTheMenu from your Applications folder.

If you encounter any issues, please send us a quick e-mail at:

In case you were wondering why the file itself is called HueAndTheMenu, the answer is stupid, but simple: the app was originally called "HueAndTheMenu", but later renamed to "Hue in the Menu". To avoid trouble with older installations, I didn't dare yet to rename the main application. What, a, bunch, of, amateurs, eh?